We are living in a time where the truth is being stretched in multiple directions. 

With an unflinching manner I feel compelled to confront this reality with three-dimensional
sculptural assemblages that are viscerally accessible, meaningful, and beautiful. 

Invariably, my desire is that each sculpture’s statement compels the viewers’ attention, and in doing so, conceptually redefines conventional objects into images that are both unique and powerful. 

I’m trying to elicit a reaction that reflects a social condition we all must grapple with.
To make one realize that there is a consequence for complacency. 

“Sculptural social surrealism” best describes the work. 

The sense of humor and crisp perceptions are inspired from Magritte, along with the multi-dimensions and contradictions of Man Ray, the political and social import of Ai Weiwei and the stylistic inventiveness of Italian graphic designer Armando Testa. Each has influenced the way in which I observe and record the world.

I enthusiastically ask the viewer to engage, to understand, to commit, and ultimately - to act.